Recruiting is Expensive! Yes, it is… Do you KNOW WHY??

Let’s be crystal clear; RECRUITING is EXPENSIVE.

YES, it is…but, isn’t that subjective to the context in which it’s used?

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Heisman Trophy: presented annually to the most outstanding player in college football. 99 times of 100, this is also the MOST EXPENSIVE player available.

Guess what? EVERYONE wants to land the Heisman winner for their team.

Have you ever seen the following sequence of events?

1) Heisman Trophy winner signs with a team

2) Smile for the camera’s whilst holding up the team jersey

3) Owner of said team shakes head disgusted by how EXPENSIVE it was!

You typically get what you pay for…cliché’, yes. But usually become cliché’ for good reason.

ALL hiring is expensive and CRUCIAL to Health of your Organization. Don’t most companies swear employee’s are reason for success, etc??

How much is “insight” worth to your business? True insight.  Not a Google search. That’s (usually) more bandwidth, not real depth. Certainly not scalable, particularly if you are UNAWARE of it.

Poor Recruiting CAN cost you a FORTUNE…

Great Recruiting is PRICELESS!!


Monster U.S. online jobs index soars in August

NEW YORK (Reuters) – A monthly gauge of U.S. online labor demand soared in August at its fastest pace in four years, indicating steadier footing for nationwide labor demand, a private research group said on Thursday.

Monster Worldwide Inc, an online careers and recruiting firm, said its employment index surged to 121 in August, up 6 percent from 114 in July.

It was the biggest monthly increase the index has seen since August 2005.

The index was down 24 percent from a reading of 159 a year ago, marking the most moderate year-over-year decline in 2009.

Though job openings posted online are at their lowest in almost two and a half years, there are signs employment may turn around in the near term.

“The significant jump in the Monster Employment Index in August offers encouraging signs of improvement in the U.S. economy with the demand for managers and professionals as well as sales and office workers picking up in time for the fall hiring season,” said Jesse Harriott, senior vice president at Monster.

The index rose to its highest since February, and contracted on a yearly basis at the slowest rate since December 2008, Harriott added.

Labor demand in the retail, administrative and financial industries showed the strongest growth, and a recent rise in investor confidence sparked increased opportunities in company management.

By occupation, employment in the arts design, entertainment, sports and media sectors picked up in August after hitting historic lows, while demand for healthcare, community and personal care services jobs suffered for the second straight month.

The Monster Employment index is a monthly analysis based on a selection of corporate career sites and job boards. The margin of error is approximately plus or minus 1 percent.

Motor Control Algorithm Development ~ Simulation

Just love it when a BIG Company “GETS IT” ~ wait till u see it!

2 thumbs up for Roche…

Speak Mandarin? Yes? Well, Nihao quing jin!

Are you currently doing any International Recruiting for your clientele?  The world is getting smaller everyday…  Folks, if you have any interest whatsoever in learning Chinese or simply interested in their culture, you’ll definitely want to check out the You Tube page of my friend from afar ~ I asked him to provide a lesson that we could use on a daily basis – I think this is the most important question you can or will ever ask a potential employee:


You might be a Milennial if (fill in the blank)

So, what’s the definition?


They are young adults and have been coddled by their parents to the point of being ill prepared for a demanding workplace.

The Milennials are here!

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Is Your KUNG FU strong enough to get the INTERVIEW?

BEFORE you can ever hope to gain their attention…the first step is to simply get noticed.  Here’s a great example of a response I received today from a candidate for one of our positions – this is classic, check it out:

Most Respected and Honorable Kung Fu Master:

While my pedigree is strong I stand before you a humble student ready and willing to learn. I bring with me great skills, the most beneficial being flexibility and respect for those who have traveled before me. It would bring great pleasure to meet with you and discuss the opportunity to associate myself with your most esteemed company. Jon Sxxxxxxxxh, a man known to sell ice to Eskimos.


Tell me, would you remember this guy the next time you had an opening?


You can bet I will…  

PS: Grasshopper UR free to walk on rice paper!

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