TRUE Insight~How important is it? Business or Career

True insight, that is…not a web search.

First, let’s establish what I’m NOT referencing: a boolean based google search. That’s typically just additional bandwith vs. scalable data, i.e., information placed within a relevant context for subsequent disposition.

Don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is more lateral movement due to information overload… In fact, that’s the cover of IEEE Spectrum this month.

REAL WORLD EXAMPLE: “True Insight” vs. Information

Do you think Wall Street would have experienced the same problems if they had USED the insight they were supposed to possess OR did they know and chose not to consider it OR did they know and did it anyway? What say you?

Do you think individuals that PURCHASED said paper would have acted the same had they known the risks involved OR did they know and chose not to consider? Hmmm…

Me thinks it’s the latter in both cases. Why? Simple. When’s the last time you made an international transaction (less the last trip to Wal Mart)?

MY POINT ~you don’t buy/sell securities around the globe unless either you know what you are doing OR you are rollin’ in cash; in which case you PAY someone else to handle these affairs for you.

I was born at night, but not last night baby~Kid Rock

You want the truth? OK: I'd like a non fat soy vanilla latte! There, I said it!

You want the truth?? FINE! I'd like a non fat soy vanilla Latte! There, I said it!! Are you happy? Can I head back to GitMo now?

So, what’s the Bottom Line? Let’s establish that YOU are indeed NOT Lt.Daniel Kaffee ala ‘A Few Good Men’?Good, then I can safely presume that you CAN handle the TRUTH

Well, here it is:

  1. Recruiting is EXPENSIVE
  2. Great Recruiting is PRICELESS
  3. Poor Recruiting Costs a FORTUNE!! (Untold $$’s in Lost Opp Cost)

If getting the best person available isn’t worth the additional expense, will someone please help me understand why every NFL owner lines up, blank check in hand, to sign for the annual Heisman Trophy winner? If they weren’t worth premium pay, they wouldn’t do it…right?

OK, so now what? Pretty simple, really. Here’s where a good place to start:

So, now YOU know. Are you going to behave the same way you always have (and expect a different result) OR are you going to choose to use this knowledge when making YOUR next hiring decision??


Recruiting is Expensive! Yes, it is… Do you KNOW WHY??

Let’s be crystal clear; RECRUITING is EXPENSIVE.

YES, it is…but, isn’t that subjective to the context in which it’s used?

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Heisman Trophy: presented annually to the most outstanding player in college football. 99 times of 100, this is also the MOST EXPENSIVE player available.

Guess what? EVERYONE wants to land the Heisman winner for their team.

Have you ever seen the following sequence of events?

1) Heisman Trophy winner signs with a team

2) Smile for the camera’s whilst holding up the team jersey

3) Owner of said team shakes head disgusted by how EXPENSIVE it was!

You typically get what you pay for…cliché’, yes. But usually become cliché’ for good reason.

ALL hiring is expensive and CRUCIAL to Health of your Organization. Don’t most companies swear employee’s are reason for success, etc??

How much is “insight” worth to your business? True insight.  Not a Google search. That’s (usually) more bandwidth, not real depth. Certainly not scalable, particularly if you are UNAWARE of it.

Poor Recruiting CAN cost you a FORTUNE…

Great Recruiting is PRICELESS!!

Hang on as if your NUT(s) depend upon it, ’cause they do!

This is the modern version of the age old picture of the frog grabbing the birds throat to prevent an inevitable ending to his life…  After all, ‘Fish gotta swim and a bird’s gotta eat, right?’

“Tough times don’t build character, they reveal it”

If true, what does this say about you? What have you learned?

Monopoly House or Hotel? Green or Red? Your preference?

Monopoly house: Green or Red ?

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It can be a lot like utilizing a Recruiter.

Which option would you choose?

A) Take whatever from options provided via a home builder at a specific development
~ or ~
B) Would you want to know about other homes…maybe even homes that had NOT yet hit the market?

There was a Realtor that knew of a home that was significantly nicer than the ones offered by the aforementioned home builder? Hey, it’s a buyers market after all…right?

For the same price, you could get a custom home on a wooden lot, twice the acreage, in a better school district, w/swimming pool, culdesac, quicker appreciation, etc.

This home would likely NEVER see the market….  KNOW WHY? Because the seller had been transferred, or passed away or (fill in blank)… and subsequently had ZERO intention of selling. Maybe the company they work for took over payments in order to facilitate their relocation. Maybe the bank foreclosed for whatever reason.

THE CATCH: There would be no public auction. It’s just below the radar. Circumstances forced their hand and someone would acquire it long before the general public was made aware.

The aforementioned parties were on the other end of spectrum and SELLING a home? You can bet they would contact a Realtor they trusted and likely confide in them their dilemma and make them aware of the pending sale.

Recruiters know lots and lots of people just like this… Some are Buying, some are Selling ~ but NEITHER are a commodity. Both have plenty of options that aren’t offered at the home builder’s subdivision.

Bangkok Airport by Daniel Chang


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The future is now…its here….  ooops, there it went. We’re now in the past ~ Kabeesh?

In the words of one of my mentors, and one of the wisest men I’ve ever known:

“There will only be one of you for all time… FEARLESSLY be yourself” ~David J Oberting

Career OPTIONS ~Do you know the ‘secret handshake’? Familiar at all with this acronym: CLAMS+X???

If you’re looking for it here, you won’t find it… However , we attempt to shift this highly subjective process to as objective as possible by utilizing this simple, yet highly effective diagnostic tool when considering a career change.

 NEED A CRYSTAL BALL for YOUR CAREER?? Youre not alone...

NEED A CRYSTAL BALL for YOUR CAREER?? You're not alone...

I’m a simple guy, so I break it down via the acronym ‘CLAMS – X’.  Suggest that INDIVIDUALLY you & THEN your spouse rate from each from 1-5 by order of importance.

C =’s Challenge: opportunity or role itself – Growth potential – overall ‘fit’ – industry specialty

L =’s Location, Location, Location…

A =’s Availability, i.e., when?  Timing…

M =”s Money -compensation, bonus, profit sharing, Benefit costs/quality

S =’s Stability or Security (aka, the NEW STOCK OPTION)

X =’s the all important X-Factor.  An example would be a great boss at your current position or your wife’s current position.

Possibly you have different priorities??  If so, it’s strongly recommended those be discussed as early as possible in this process.

Here’s an example ~ take the last letter, X: remember that great boss that you and/or your wife have?  Sure, she’s willing to transfer, but that would mean she’d have report to a different manager, MR. Joe Johnson via the BLAH BLAH division & no one wants to go there.  Kabeesh?

Another Killer is RELOCATION: say you’d love to be in Florida, but your 2 high school aged kids feel otherwise.  However, if they plan on going to college, maybe this is necessary?  Kabeesh x2? 🙂

Talk about it.  Discuss & discuss some more.  By all means talk with your recruiter if you feel they have everyone’s best interest in mind, and not just trying to “make a placement”, but that’s a whole different topic…

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