What is the #1 question we DON’T get asked and why not?

Here it is:

What do you think of my resume?’ What’s worse, most don’t even realize there’s anything wrong…

It’s usually even more difficult for those with the most tenure. In other words, this happens to some of the best. In this regard, it’s an equal opportunity issue and often doesn’t discriminate…

In fact, most people we work with find themselves unemployed through no fault of their own, often the direct result of Merger, Acquisition, RIF, plant closings, etc.

They’re often provided, as a part of their severance package, a resume service via contracted 3rd party. Don’t misunderstand, this is a GOOD thing. However, these days, and particularly in this market, that’s just a good starting point…

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You need to have a FOCUSED approach and less is generally more, i.e., tweak and customize your skill sets and background experience as most applicable to the opportunity you seek.

Reality Check: The days of a generic resume with an objective along the lines of, ‘seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills in a growth oriented company’ are long since over… That’s about as stale as it gets. In fact, I’m not a big fan of an objective at all. A professional overview is much preferred.

Let’s face it, Marketing, Sales, Engineering and yes, even Management are each at times independently BRILLIANT, but seldom all 3 at once…

EXAMPLE: We love our Dentist, and I LOVE my Chiropractor; but I wouldn’t want them to trade places before my next appointment!!

Finally, and cannot over emphasize this point enough, it wasn’t our intent to have every candidate quite literally ask, it was more rhetorical in nature. You’ve got it, we aren’t philanthropist’s. (utilize the aforementioned severance services)


ATTENTION: Engineering Leadership, you have a Voice!

What’s this about?

To each their own, but review and decide for yourself. Recently received this from a gentleman we’ll refer to as Writer X (like Racer X). Enjoy!


Open Letter to Industry C-Level

Desperate Engineering Executive, who has worked long hours, took piles of $hit projects from unqualified peers, looked the other way when people were not held accountable, seek new employment.  Specialize in cleaning up messes after others have crashed and burned them for lack of experience, education and/or due diligence.

Will even consider a pay cut for an opportunity with an organization that has an HR department (ethics is a bonus), benefits that will not put me in the poor house if catch cold, and dress code that does not require purchase of $30 company logo shirt’s. Also a college educated boss that does not have a learning impediment, i.e., ADD, OCD, or myriad of  other acronyms.

Prefer a position within a 50 mile radius of Writer X’s home. Willing to start immediately without providing 2 weeks notice. In fact, as a token of my appreciation to your trust, I’ll throw the first week in for FREE since I have not been able to use PTO hours accrued in well over a year.

Disgruntled but certainly yours,

Writer X, aka, VP of Engineering

So, what’s this REALLY about?

It’s about Leadership. More to the point, about POOR Leadership and the casualties of this behavior. You see, the individual with poor behavior isnt the only one that suffers, they ‘infect’ those around them.

Here in Indiana, we’d say they ‘poison the whole water hole’. Actually, Ive never heard that said….hmmm….maybe I drank some tainted water myself?

I know this: if your job sucks that’s too bad, if you stay, that’s your fault. Ready to make a change, click here

So, how’s BUSINESS? What are you seeing in the MARKET?

It’s the single most often asked question. It comes in many variations: How’s Business? How’s the Market? Good, Bad, or Ugly?

This is it, albeit anti climactic, are we ‘Stronger for it’ or ‘Weaker because of it’. They are almost all evaluating their team, as they attempt to navigate out of the ‘Great Recession’.

Other questions include:

  • Who are our key players?
  • Do we (still) have the appropriate people on our Team?
  • Are these people in the appropriate place within the organization, i.e., positioned for growth/stability, increased responsibility?
  • Did everyone ‘behave’ the way we’d hoped during the downturn?
  • Of these, how many are genuinely engaged and positioned for the next phase of their career?
  • How many are just biding their time, awaiting an opportunity to jump ship?
Hows your Business prepared for the Future?

Hows your Business prepared for the Future?

WE DON’T HAVE A CRYSTAL BALL, but one thing is for sure; there’s plenty of advice and prediction. It’s not all too different from the weather. Here in central Indiana, the weather person is ALWAYS accurate. How is it in ‘your neck of the woods?’

So, what are the biggest challenges you’re facing for Q4? 2010? What steps are being taken to prepare for this?

What can the EASTeam do to help??

CLAMS? ~~~How ’bout COLTS??~~~

Feedback, ya gotta love it…well, maybe not, but you’d BETTER listen to it… Rec’d this from one of our readers… What makes this even better?  He’s from Cincinnati!!

CLAMS? Did ‘Kirk the Guru’ come up with this? How about:


  • Challenge you enjoy
  • Operations that match your psyche
  • Location you can see your family before 7pm
  • Turnover that you can live with
  • Salary that can pay the bills


Thanks! Excellent! Pssssst, he also happens to be one of the sharpest C-Level Engineering Leaders/Professionals you’d ever meet and you won’t find his resume on a job board.

Moreover, I’d have to be subpoenaed/under oath to ever give his name OR present his resume to a company without his consent.  This is just one of the many COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS that we have across the market…

COMPANIES: have this level of trust w/candidate pool for YOUR next opening?

CANDIDATES: have this level of trust w/Recruiter, i.e., always making you aware of potential opportunities in the market? Some potentially BETTER than your current situation…

Recruiting is Expensive! Yes, it is… Do you KNOW WHY??

Let’s be crystal clear; RECRUITING is EXPENSIVE.

YES, it is…but, isn’t that subjective to the context in which it’s used?

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Heisman Trophy: presented annually to the most outstanding player in college football. 99 times of 100, this is also the MOST EXPENSIVE player available.

Guess what? EVERYONE wants to land the Heisman winner for their team.

Have you ever seen the following sequence of events?

1) Heisman Trophy winner signs with a team

2) Smile for the camera’s whilst holding up the team jersey

3) Owner of said team shakes head disgusted by how EXPENSIVE it was!

You typically get what you pay for…cliché’, yes. But usually become cliché’ for good reason.

ALL hiring is expensive and CRUCIAL to Health of your Organization. Don’t most companies swear employee’s are reason for success, etc??

How much is “insight” worth to your business? True insight.  Not a Google search. That’s (usually) more bandwidth, not real depth. Certainly not scalable, particularly if you are UNAWARE of it.

Poor Recruiting CAN cost you a FORTUNE…

Great Recruiting is PRICELESS!!

So many resumes so little time…right??

So many resumes so little time…

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Dont you have better things to do, like RUN YOUR BUSINESS?? Let the pro’s handle the increased candidate flow.

BECAUSE, if you think youve got the best candidates ~youre wrong~ just the best candidates that have applied OR those that are ACTIVELY looking… BIG DIFFERENCE!

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(Pssst, usually the best and brightest arent unemployed until the bitter end. Willing to wait that long??)

Are you Passively aware of new Opportunities in the Market?

When is the absolute BEST time to consider a new opportunity?

Can you choose the correct option below?

1When you are Unemployed

2 – When you are about to become Unemployed

3 When you are MISERABLE in current role

4 – When you’re BORED to TEARS in current role

5 – When you report to an Incompetent Idiot

6 – When Incompetent Idiot(s) report to you

7 – When the ‘inmates’ are running the ‘asyulum’

8 – When Family suffers via extensive travel/hours/reduced $$, etc

9 – When your Company’s future is unclear, via bankruptcy, consolidation, acquisition, merger, politics, etc.

10 – EVERYTHING’S FINE! YOU’RE HAPPY, SATISFIED w/your BOSS, $$’s, Location, Family, Challenge, etc

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Pssst, this also applies to Company’s that ‘dont’ have openings…

(They really do, they’re just not AWARE of them~YET!)

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