TRUE Insight~How important is it? Business or Career

True insight, that is…not a web search.

First, let’s establish what I’m NOT referencing: a boolean based google search. That’s typically just additional bandwith vs. scalable data, i.e., information placed within a relevant context for subsequent disposition.

Don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is more lateral movement due to information overload… In fact, that’s the cover of IEEE Spectrum this month.

REAL WORLD EXAMPLE: “True Insight” vs. Information

Do you think Wall Street would have experienced the same problems if they had USED the insight they were supposed to possess OR did they know and chose not to consider it OR did they know and did it anyway? What say you?

Do you think individuals that PURCHASED said paper would have acted the same had they known the risks involved OR did they know and chose not to consider? Hmmm…

Me thinks it’s the latter in both cases. Why? Simple. When’s the last time you made an international transaction (less the last trip to Wal Mart)?

MY POINT ~you don’t buy/sell securities around the globe unless either you know what you are doing OR you are rollin’ in cash; in which case you PAY someone else to handle these affairs for you.

I was born at night, but not last night baby~Kid Rock

You want the truth? OK: I'd like a non fat soy vanilla latte! There, I said it!

You want the truth?? FINE! I'd like a non fat soy vanilla Latte! There, I said it!! Are you happy? Can I head back to GitMo now?

So, what’s the Bottom Line? Let’s establish that YOU are indeed NOT Lt.Daniel Kaffee ala ‘A Few Good Men’?Good, then I can safely presume that you CAN handle the TRUTH

Well, here it is:

  1. Recruiting is EXPENSIVE
  2. Great Recruiting is PRICELESS
  3. Poor Recruiting Costs a FORTUNE!! (Untold $$’s in Lost Opp Cost)

If getting the best person available isn’t worth the additional expense, will someone please help me understand why every NFL owner lines up, blank check in hand, to sign for the annual Heisman Trophy winner? If they weren’t worth premium pay, they wouldn’t do it…right?

OK, so now what? Pretty simple, really. Here’s where a good place to start:

So, now YOU know. Are you going to behave the same way you always have (and expect a different result) OR are you going to choose to use this knowledge when making YOUR next hiring decision??


CLAMS? ~~~How ’bout COLTS??~~~

Feedback, ya gotta love it…well, maybe not, but you’d BETTER listen to it… Rec’d this from one of our readers… What makes this even better?  He’s from Cincinnati!!

CLAMS? Did ‘Kirk the Guru’ come up with this? How about:


  • Challenge you enjoy
  • Operations that match your psyche
  • Location you can see your family before 7pm
  • Turnover that you can live with
  • Salary that can pay the bills


Thanks! Excellent! Pssssst, he also happens to be one of the sharpest C-Level Engineering Leaders/Professionals you’d ever meet and you won’t find his resume on a job board.

Moreover, I’d have to be subpoenaed/under oath to ever give his name OR present his resume to a company without his consent.  This is just one of the many COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS that we have across the market…

COMPANIES: have this level of trust w/candidate pool for YOUR next opening?

CANDIDATES: have this level of trust w/Recruiter, i.e., always making you aware of potential opportunities in the market? Some potentially BETTER than your current situation…

(Goals + Values) Passion = SUCCESS!

How well are YOUR Organizational Priorities aligned with Core Values? OK STOP RIGHT THERE ~~>hint~~>were you looking for the doc. that listed said values?  You’re NOT aligned with them…

success this way

First & Foremost: Business success, Fame, Fortune, etc, all will be an indirect result of prioritized behavior closely aligned to one’s goals and values. Absolutely believe this with all my heart.

We’re very passionate about what we do… It’s not because of all the money we can make or stuff we can buy… It’s so we can help companies and people succeed; collectively improving their quality of life…period. It begins and ends here. Once this is accomplished, everything else tends to take care of itself.

Our track record speaks for itself. For the past 5+ years, we’ve led the way for our firm in BOTH production of Revenue  and Consistency. Think about it, most people would be happy with either. We’ve done both. I’m still amazed.

Notable that this has not been our GOAL. I’ll say again for clarity, IT WAS NOT OUR GOAL to be the most consistent and productive contributor, it was an inevitable outcome based on the activities we’d planned and executed.

Not unlike a Golfer, we play the course, not other players. Dizzy Dean said it best, “it aint braggin’ if ya done it”

Right feelings follow right actions, and not the other way around. Not so sure? When was the last time you laid on the couch and THOUGHT about working out? How’s that working out for you? Exactly….


Success follows doing the next right thing, for the right reason

(that rarely happens by accident)

So, your Company (still) can’t fill that opening??

That’s right, even with unemployment at 10%. What’s worse, most don’t understand WHY this is happening…

Let me clarify; I’m referring to white collar, degreed engineering professionals. GenY, GenX and Boomers. All of them.

EX: if you’re a textile worker in the southeast, that’s NOT the demographic being referenced.

Frustrated you cant fill that opening? It should be easy, right??

Frustrated you cant fill that opening? It should be easy, right??

OK. Let’s pretend that there are 1,000 people in the US that have a special skill set that you need, albeit due to attrition, expansion, or many other reasons why.

1,000 viable candidates ~ your company needs just ONE. Should be a piece o’ cake, right? Think again.

I’m feeling extra generous today, so let’s just say that only 50% aren’t interested or willing to relocate. Of the 500 that remain, at least 2/3 will be unable to sell their home due to the market conditions.

Yikes! This massive number has already shrunk to approximately 175 available candidates (we haven’t even begun the search yet).


  • Job Specialization
    • Engineering positions ~ Hard to fill, but usually because it’s a niche skill set
    • Highly analytical / difficulty making decisions
    • Sales role? Highly subjective
  • Competitors
    • Currently work there and have golden handcuffs to stay (severance etc)
    • Formerly work there (non competes -usually not best of best, which is what you’re looking for in this role)
    • Culture ~ Maybe they would rather work for them than your organization
    • Level of Compensation – does it stack up? More? Less? How about Cost of Living?
    • Are they still employed? EVEN worse!
      • They’ve survived 2-4 RIF’s for a reason
      • Even if your position is better, they feel safer where they are, ie, don’t wish to be ‘last hired & first fired’
  • Stability & Growth Potential
    • FYI “STABILITY” is the new “Growth Potential”
  • SocialMedia has changed the game, it’s changed the way people network…
    • Job boards don’t attract candidates like they once did (that’s another post)
    • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ad infinitum
    • There’s no place like home Auntie Em (& dont you forget it)

Government Motors: you may want to review this one…

If there is any doubt about the disparity between many US Automakers and the Global Competition…review this video.

Just imagine, if you will, proposing a 46 million plan similar to the one GM in Fort Wayne, to these folks?  What kind of response would you receive?

Just to add insult to injury & FYI, this plant is located in Dresden, Germany

Generation Y (Google it and include WW2 in said search…)

Who’s in your CORNER? Who’s your GURU?

This is kind of a silly, albeit highly entertaining <30 second video clip.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

But the topic is a very serious one…  Put it in perspective:  Don’t you go to a Lawyer when you have legal difficulties, a Mechanic w/specific knowledge of your vehicle when your car breaks down, a Broker or similar expert for your financial planning, a Doctor when you’re sick, a Dentist when you have a toothache…ad infinitum.

Point is, when do you feel the best time to initiate a relationship with said party? When you NEED them or BEFORE you need them? Wouldn’t they be better suited to provide value to your situation if they were apprised of your goals, obstacles, and were able to help facilitate a solution via planning and collective sharing of info.

Who’s IN YOUR CORNER looking out for YOUR CAREER?


You might be a Milennial if (fill in the blank)

So, what’s the definition?


They are young adults and have been coddled by their parents to the point of being ill prepared for a demanding workplace.

The Milennials are here!

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