TRUE Insight~How important is it? Business or Career

True insight, that is…not a web search.

First, let’s establish what I’m NOT referencing: a boolean based google search. That’s typically just additional bandwith vs. scalable data, i.e., information placed within a relevant context for subsequent disposition.

Don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is more lateral movement due to information overload… In fact, that’s the cover of IEEE Spectrum this month.

REAL WORLD EXAMPLE: “True Insight” vs. Information

Do you think Wall Street would have experienced the same problems if they had USED the insight they were supposed to possess OR did they know and chose not to consider it OR did they know and did it anyway? What say you?

Do you think individuals that PURCHASED said paper would have acted the same had they known the risks involved OR did they know and chose not to consider? Hmmm…

Me thinks it’s the latter in both cases. Why? Simple. When’s the last time you made an international transaction (less the last trip to Wal Mart)?

MY POINT ~you don’t buy/sell securities around the globe unless either you know what you are doing OR you are rollin’ in cash; in which case you PAY someone else to handle these affairs for you.

I was born at night, but not last night baby~Kid Rock

You want the truth? OK: I'd like a non fat soy vanilla latte! There, I said it!

You want the truth?? FINE! I'd like a non fat soy vanilla Latte! There, I said it!! Are you happy? Can I head back to GitMo now?

So, what’s the Bottom Line? Let’s establish that YOU are indeed NOT Lt.Daniel Kaffee ala ‘A Few Good Men’?Good, then I can safely presume that you CAN handle the TRUTH

Well, here it is:

  1. Recruiting is EXPENSIVE
  2. Great Recruiting is PRICELESS
  3. Poor Recruiting Costs a FORTUNE!! (Untold $$’s in Lost Opp Cost)

If getting the best person available isn’t worth the additional expense, will someone please help me understand why every NFL owner lines up, blank check in hand, to sign for the annual Heisman Trophy winner? If they weren’t worth premium pay, they wouldn’t do it…right?

OK, so now what? Pretty simple, really. Here’s where a good place to start:

So, now YOU know. Are you going to behave the same way you always have (and expect a different result) OR are you going to choose to use this knowledge when making YOUR next hiring decision??


The Gods of Fuel Economy~Monster Trucks collaborated?

100mpg H3 said to be Scaling Up from Idea to Production

100mpg H3 said to be 'Scaling Up from Idea to Production'

Too good to be true?  Maybe…but hey, maybe not!

“This is where the future is and we just want to wish the company good luck in producing as many of these as possible.” ~CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I got a sense that I was sitting in a car that represents the future of transportation in America.”  ~Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

“It doesn’t make any noise, it’s quiet. 40 miles on one charge and as you can see this is no small rig.  It’s great.” ~Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

Read the entire story here:

Not impressed?  Dont need all that room?

How about a 230mpg  Chevy Volt??

Who would of thought...about a Chevy....getting 200+ MPG?

Who would of thunk…about a Chevy…getting 200+MPG?

Hey Hoosiers, interested in a microcosm of the market? Need look no further than our own backyard…see for yourself:

GM announced a potential expansion in Fort Wayne, IN – (see also my previous post) ~ Good news, right?


  • General Motors’ plant in Fort Wayne is in the running for a proposed $46 million expansion as they close plants as part of its reorganization under federal bankruptcy laws
  • GM seeks a 10-year tax break on $27 million in equipment needed for the expansion
  • Investment would help retain about 50 positions but not expected to create addl’ jobs
  • Said expansion would allow a second shift at the Fort Wayne plant to continue operating
Earlier this week, NCR Corp announced they’re also expanding…
~ Internationally to Brazil


  • NCR will spend about $37.6 million to build a new manufacturing and research and development center in Brazil to make ATMs for Brazil, Latin America and Caribbean markets.
  • The company said the new facility will be up and running by December and will create 250 jobs.
  • Plans for the expansion come about two weeks after NCR (NYSE:NCR) announced plans to move its headquarters to Duluth, Ga., from Dayton.
  • NCR also will establish a new North American ATM manufacturing facility in Columbus, Ga., creating 870 jobs (Dayton area loses approx. 1300)

Here’s a Quick Comparison:

  • NCR deal is nearly $10 MILLION LESS
  • NCR simultaneously building an Intl facility and moving HQ to Atlanta area
    • GM simultaneously closing plants as part of bankruptcy
  • NCR presumably maintaining production with literally hundreds fewer employee’s
    • Atlanta will appreciate the approx 900 new jobs
  • NCR plans to go from a Green Field to a functioning manufacturing facility, on the other side of the planet, including identifying, recruiting, hiring and training approx 250 people, by the end of calendar year 2009.  (WOW)
    • GM will create ZERO jobs and indicate this will help retain 50 existing employees
  • FINALLY, and this really sums it all up for me…please note the individual referenced as well as their quote representing each of said organizations, as follows:
    • United Auto Workers Local 2209 President Orval Plumlee said possible investment couldguarantee the plant’s future for years to come and eventually create jobs in the area”
    • CEO Bill Nuti said that the company has been doing business in Brazil for more than 70 years & sees the move as “yet another step in our commitment to this important market.”

(FYI: Brazil is the third-largest ATM market in the world. Retail Banking Research predicts the Brazil market will grow 16 percent by 2012)

If you were betting on a horse for this race, which one would YOU choose???   Unsure? I’d suggest you dont bet…

$46 MILLION expansion via GM? SOUNDS GREAT!! Right?

Government Motors in Fort Wayne?

Government Motors in Fort Wayne?

That’s right…..ahhh, but there’s a catch.  They may be expanding the building, but NOT the payroll…read more below.

Associated Press
General Motors’ plant in Fort Wayne is in the running for a proposed $46 million expansion even as the automaker closes plants as part of its reorganization under federal bankruptcy laws.

GM is seeking a 10-year tax break on $27 million in equipment needed for the expansion, which would “furnish and install machinery, equipment and special tooling necessary to support heavy-duty extended cab truck production,” according to papers filed with the Allen County Council. Light-duty Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks already are made at the plant.

The council will meet Thursday to consider the tax break.

Plant spokeswoman Alicia Kocher said approval of incentives “would make the case for this plant stronger” because GM is considering competing proposals from other plants.

The investment would help retain about 50 positions with a combined annual salary of about $2.84 million, but is not expected to create additional jobs, The News-Sentinel reported. The expansion would allow a second shift at the Fort Wayne plant to continue operating, Kocher said.

“A number of pieces still need to fall into place, but this is potentially very good news for Allen County,” county Commissioner Nelson Peters said yesterday.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the proposed expansion was related to the announced closure of a pickup truck plant in Pontiac, Mich., one of several GM has announced will close as part of its bankruptcy reorganization.

GM has invested more than $1 billion in the 2.7 million-square-foot plant in Fort Wayne since it opened in 1986.

United Auto Workers Local 2209 President Orval Plumlee said the possible investment could “guarantee the plant’s future for years to come and eventually create jobs in the area.”

Let’s see ~ what acronym would we potentially designate to our friends up north in Fort Wayne…hmmm


Mine is a long0time TWO GM owning household and I

was a Supervisor at Ford Motor Co for 5 years…

General Motors or is it ‘Government Motors’?

The US’s biggest carmaker fails to persuade enough of its creditors to swallow their losses and is left on the brink of bankruptcyGeneral Motors has conceded defeat in its efforts to reach a deal with bondholders over $27bn (�17bn) in liabilities, leaving it freewheeling towards bankruptcy.A filing for legal protection from creditors is likely to happen by Monday.

The US government could take an ownership stake as high as 70% in return for public funding of up to $50bn to keep the Detroit-based motor manufacturer afloat.GM, which employs 235,000 people globally, admitted this morning that it had failed to persuade recalcitrant lenders to accept a 10% equity stake in return for the cancellation of billions of dollars in loans.The company said the number of bondholders accepting the proposal fell “substantially short” of the 90% required for approval and that the offer had lapsed.

Rest of article: Government Motors for GM?

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