CLAMS? ~~~How ’bout COLTS??~~~

Feedback, ya gotta love it…well, maybe not, but you’d BETTER listen to it… Rec’d this from one of our readers… What makes this even better?  He’s from Cincinnati!!

CLAMS? Did ‘Kirk the Guru’ come up with this? How about:


  • Challenge you enjoy
  • Operations that match your psyche
  • Location you can see your family before 7pm
  • Turnover that you can live with
  • Salary that can pay the bills


Thanks! Excellent! Pssssst, he also happens to be one of the sharpest C-Level Engineering Leaders/Professionals you’d ever meet and you won’t find his resume on a job board.

Moreover, I’d have to be subpoenaed/under oath to ever give his name OR present his resume to a company without his consent.  This is just one of the many COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS that we have across the market…

COMPANIES: have this level of trust w/candidate pool for YOUR next opening?

CANDIDATES: have this level of trust w/Recruiter, i.e., always making you aware of potential opportunities in the market? Some potentially BETTER than your current situation…


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