Remember what you were doing 8 years ago on 9/11? I do.

Believe it or not, I was working for the same organization…in the same building here in Indianapolis, IN. Mid morning. I sat in disbelief as the first plane hit. My colleague and I went next door to watch the coverage on live TV. Then, the second plane hit… Absolutely unbelievable what I was witnessing. The President of our company came in and told everyone to go home and ‘be with your family’ -that’s just what we did.

Picture this: on a riding lawn mower at my grandmother’s house, not a cloud in the sky. A perfect fall day. Surreal to think that only a few hundred miles away all hell was breaking loose.

a perfect fall day...but only a few hundred miles away....NYC

a perfect fall day...but only a few hundred miles away....NYC

I thought why me? Why have I been spared? My thoughts shifted to why not me? That’s when it hit me, a moment of clarity, if you will: Life is not a dress rehearsal. Make the most of it. I’m proud to say, for the most part, I have…a better parent, employee, friend, etc. Maybe there is a purpose for my life after all? Could I have been unaware of this for the previous 30+ years??

Hmm… Since that day, my mindset has shifted again to “IT’S NOT ABOUT ME”, and I guess it never was… What say you? What changes have you made in your life since then? What will you be doing 8 years from today?? Here’s a link to one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever seen via a firsthand account written


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