EASTeam List of Top 5 Resume Errors (Engineers)

EASTeam’s friends @ www.motioncontrol.com asked we provide some insight that would benefit their readers. The best place to start, just also happens to be the easiest to prevent…the resume.  In these difficult economic times, there’s no need to make a bad situation worse, albeit very common, by making any one of the following mistakes when preparing a resume:

Trying to be all things to all people (part 1) ~ Don’t do it.  It doesn’t work and will only water down the message.  Remember, we’re looking for a laser beam, not a flood light here…  This absolutely applies to the ‘objective’ portion.  I much prefer a ‘summary’ portion hitting a few highlights and can be easily customized (and absolutely should be) for each individual opportunity.

Trying to be all things to all people (part 2) ~ Don’t do it either.  It doesn’t work and will only water down the message.  (It’s like déjà vu all over again). However, you may want to have several DIFFERENT versions of your resume, i.e., one that focuses on project mgmt, one that focuses on  technical design engineering, and later on in your career a focus on leadership.

Focusing on Responsibilities vs. Accomplishments ~ No one cares that you were in charge of filling out and keeping up to date the SPC lies, err, uhh, I mean ‘CAP’ statements at the end of every shift…  However, we do care about ANYTHING that you have done alone (or contributed to within a team) that added real value to the product, implemented cost or scrap reductions, or contributed to process improvement…in other words, things that impact the Bottom Line.

Delivering CV vs. Resume ~ That’s right.  If you’re applying for an academic role, by all means feel free to add in the 14 pages of dribble, err uhh, research and team based study groups you’ve participated.  (Don’t forget to include the Dungeons & Dragons Club chair post you likely proudly held). This is America, so get on the bus: that means no pictures, no ‘my mother tongue is ___’, etc.  Just 2 pages of meat & potatoes.  Period. Remember, this is not going to get you the job nor is it a 3D look, it’s merely a starting point for dialogue and should be presented as such. No more, no less.

Exaggerating about your Experience ~ If you sat next to a guy for the last 20 years via the neighboring cube whose focus in life was developing motor algorithms’, well, that doesn’t make you an expert.  No, it isn’t transferred magically by proxy via the cube wall.  So, it may get you an interview, but that’s about it.  You can bet they will find out and most likely sooner than later.  The sooner the better for all, for that matter…

*Note* didn’t mention, ‘No Lying.’  That goes without saying, but not without writing…  he he

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