Are you Passively aware of new Opportunities in the Market?

When is the absolute BEST time to consider a new opportunity?

Can you choose the correct option below?

1When you are Unemployed

2 – When you are about to become Unemployed

3 When you are MISERABLE in current role

4 – When you’re BORED to TEARS in current role

5 – When you report to an Incompetent Idiot

6 – When Incompetent Idiot(s) report to you

7 – When the ‘inmates’ are running the ‘asyulum’

8 – When Family suffers via extensive travel/hours/reduced $$, etc

9 – When your Company’s future is unclear, via bankruptcy, consolidation, acquisition, merger, politics, etc.

10 – EVERYTHING’S FINE! YOU’RE HAPPY, SATISFIED w/your BOSS, $$’s, Location, Family, Challenge, etc

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Pssst, this also applies to Company’s that ‘dont’ have openings…

(They really do, they’re just not AWARE of them~YET!)


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