The best testimonial EVER…in nearly 10 years. Why?

WHY?  No, it’s not because he’s the CEO of a company.  No, it’s not because we’d made the biggest fee ever.  No, No, No…

It directly demonstrates in short order: 1) gratitude and 2) competence.  Plenty of other indirect insights as well…but I digress.

Context:  result of a placement we’d made for a Fortune 100 multibillion dollar organization, albeit a 200 ml dollar business unit.

But I just love this unsolicited testimonial, check it out:

“I was about to take a position with a company with not so great benefits.  When I contacted Kirk about a position he had listed, he quickly got me an interview and negotiated a decent salary for me.  The other recruiter who offered the position with not so great benefits told me that Kirk’s client was not looking for people. The other recruiter was wrong.

~(newly) Employed Controls Engineer

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