So, your Company (still) can’t fill that opening??

That’s right, even with unemployment at 10%. What’s worse, most don’t understand WHY this is happening…

Let me clarify; I’m referring to white collar, degreed engineering professionals. GenY, GenX and Boomers. All of them.

EX: if you’re a textile worker in the southeast, that’s NOT the demographic being referenced.

Frustrated you cant fill that opening? It should be easy, right??

Frustrated you cant fill that opening? It should be easy, right??

OK. Let’s pretend that there are 1,000 people in the US that have a special skill set that you need, albeit due to attrition, expansion, or many other reasons why.

1,000 viable candidates ~ your company needs just ONE. Should be a piece o’ cake, right? Think again.

I’m feeling extra generous today, so let’s just say that only 50% aren’t interested or willing to relocate. Of the 500 that remain, at least 2/3 will be unable to sell their home due to the market conditions.

Yikes! This massive number has already shrunk to approximately 175 available candidates (we haven’t even begun the search yet).


  • Job Specialization
    • Engineering positions ~ Hard to fill, but usually because it’s a niche skill set
    • Highly analytical / difficulty making decisions
    • Sales role? Highly subjective
  • Competitors
    • Currently work there and have golden handcuffs to stay (severance etc)
    • Formerly work there (non competes -usually not best of best, which is what you’re looking for in this role)
    • Culture ~ Maybe they would rather work for them than your organization
    • Level of Compensation – does it stack up? More? Less? How about Cost of Living?
    • Are they still employed? EVEN worse!
      • They’ve survived 2-4 RIF’s for a reason
      • Even if your position is better, they feel safer where they are, ie, don’t wish to be ‘last hired & first fired’
  • Stability & Growth Potential
    • FYI “STABILITY” is the new “Growth Potential”
  • SocialMedia has changed the game, it’s changed the way people network…
    • Job boards don’t attract candidates like they once did (that’s another post)
    • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ad infinitum
    • There’s no place like home Auntie Em (& dont you forget it)

  • Apply Now, it’s EASY! Click on the Giant Binoculars!