The Gods of Fuel Economy~Monster Trucks collaborated?

100mpg H3 said to be Scaling Up from Idea to Production

100mpg H3 said to be 'Scaling Up from Idea to Production'

Too good to be true?  Maybe…but hey, maybe not!

“This is where the future is and we just want to wish the company good luck in producing as many of these as possible.” ~CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger

“I got a sense that I was sitting in a car that represents the future of transportation in America.”  ~Utah Governor Jon Huntsman

“It doesn’t make any noise, it’s quiet. 40 miles on one charge and as you can see this is no small rig.  It’s great.” ~Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

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Not impressed?  Dont need all that room?

How about a 230mpg  Chevy Volt??

Who would of thought...about a Chevy....getting 200+ MPG?

Who would of thunk…about a Chevy…getting 200+MPG?


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