PASSIONATE about your career? WHY NOT?

Reality Check:

If your jobs sucks that’s too bad… If you stay, that’s usually YOUR fault. Accept it. Understand it. Own it.

And yes, deal with it.

Now, as long as we’re rapidly approaching reality, lets also acknowledge that if you:

A) are passionate about what you do

B) like where you do it at (location location location)

C) enjoy who you work with

You’re highly likely to be successful. Literally a win win win. Does this sound simple and fairly straightforward? That’s because it is. However, it is NOT easy and it takes a lot of guts & determination to make it happen in your own life. Easy to sit back and judge others without being in there shoes. (INSERT FOOTBALL ANALOGY HERE) Equivalent to Armchair Quarterbacking.

Honestly, how many people do you know that live their lives by their by a personal definition of what success is and not someone else’s? Not many.

I’d like to introduce you to my long time friend and former colleague, Tammi Ramsey. Take a moment to watch this video and learn about her and then take stock in your own situation.

And then GO FOR IT with reckless abandon… “burn your ships” as Cortes did when landing in the new world.


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