Monopoly House or Hotel? Green or Red? Your preference?

Monopoly house: Green or Red ?

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It can be a lot like utilizing a Recruiter.

Which option would you choose?

A) Take whatever from options provided via a home builder at a specific development
~ or ~
B) Would you want to know about other homes…maybe even homes that had NOT yet hit the market?

There was a Realtor that knew of a home that was significantly nicer than the ones offered by the aforementioned home builder? Hey, it’s a buyers market after all…right?

For the same price, you could get a custom home on a wooden lot, twice the acreage, in a better school district, w/swimming pool, culdesac, quicker appreciation, etc.

This home would likely NEVER see the market….  KNOW WHY? Because the seller had been transferred, or passed away or (fill in blank)… and subsequently had ZERO intention of selling. Maybe the company they work for took over payments in order to facilitate their relocation. Maybe the bank foreclosed for whatever reason.

THE CATCH: There would be no public auction. It’s just below the radar. Circumstances forced their hand and someone would acquire it long before the general public was made aware.

The aforementioned parties were on the other end of spectrum and SELLING a home? You can bet they would contact a Realtor they trusted and likely confide in them their dilemma and make them aware of the pending sale.

Recruiters know lots and lots of people just like this… Some are Buying, some are Selling ~ but NEITHER are a commodity. Both have plenty of options that aren’t offered at the home builder’s subdivision.


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