STRATEGY: ‘Waiting for the market to improve’ ~Really~ Will your BEST & BRIGHTEST be leaving about the time you’re able to become ‘profitable’ again? YIKES@!

The economy is on everyone’s mind.  It’s been a real challenge, at best, even for companies that feel they remain at neutral growth/loss.

However, while adapting to these rapidly changing market conditions, many organizations have inadvertently caused great concern among their employees.

Combined aforementioned with the typical results of RIF’s, M & A, outsourcing, consolidation, etc, has caused some of your best and brightest performers to consider making a change.  Previously they had no interest in making a change – but that was yesterday...  Even organizations with the best intentions can face the impact.

Are YOUR Employees thinking IF not WHEN??

Wonder how many of YOUR Employees are thinking 'IF' not 'WHEN'??

That’s right; many have decided in their heart that just as soon as an opportunity comes up to leave their current employer, they will jump on it. What a cruel, bitter pill to swallow…

How do I know?  They’re calling me, everyday…  What does this mean to you, Mr & Mrs Employer? NOW is a perfect time to attract top talent!!

So, unless you’re planning on going out of business, this is a great time to attract and engage some top talent.  These folks won’t be interested and/or available if you wait until the market is going the right direction…

A dilemma for some…  An opportunity for others…

Which category are you currently in? Is this your preference?  Wouldn’t you prefer to have an edge on your competition when the next cycle begins?  The choice is yours.


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