Career OPTIONS ~Do you know the ‘secret handshake’? Familiar at all with this acronym: CLAMS+X???

If you’re looking for it here, you won’t find it… However , we attempt to shift this highly subjective process to as objective as possible by utilizing this simple, yet highly effective diagnostic tool when considering a career change.

 NEED A CRYSTAL BALL for YOUR CAREER?? Youre not alone...

NEED A CRYSTAL BALL for YOUR CAREER?? You're not alone...

I’m a simple guy, so I break it down via the acronym ‘CLAMS – X’.  Suggest that INDIVIDUALLY you & THEN your spouse rate from each from 1-5 by order of importance.

C =’s Challenge: opportunity or role itself – Growth potential – overall ‘fit’ – industry specialty

L =’s Location, Location, Location…

A =’s Availability, i.e., when?  Timing…

M =”s Money -compensation, bonus, profit sharing, Benefit costs/quality

S =’s Stability or Security (aka, the NEW STOCK OPTION)

X =’s the all important X-Factor.  An example would be a great boss at your current position or your wife’s current position.

Possibly you have different priorities??  If so, it’s strongly recommended those be discussed as early as possible in this process.

Here’s an example ~ take the last letter, X: remember that great boss that you and/or your wife have?  Sure, she’s willing to transfer, but that would mean she’d have report to a different manager, MR. Joe Johnson via the BLAH BLAH division & no one wants to go there.  Kabeesh?

Another Killer is RELOCATION: say you’d love to be in Florida, but your 2 high school aged kids feel otherwise.  However, if they plan on going to college, maybe this is necessary?  Kabeesh x2? 🙂

Talk about it.  Discuss & discuss some more.  By all means talk with your recruiter if you feel they have everyone’s best interest in mind, and not just trying to “make a placement”, but that’s a whole different topic…


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