Who’s in your CORNER? Who’s your GURU?

This is kind of a silly, albeit highly entertaining <30 second video clip.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy:


But the topic is a very serious one…  Put it in perspective:  Don’t you go to a Lawyer when you have legal difficulties, a Mechanic w/specific knowledge of your vehicle when your car breaks down, a Broker or similar expert for your financial planning, a Doctor when you’re sick, a Dentist when you have a toothache…ad infinitum.

Point is, when do you feel the best time to initiate a relationship with said party? When you NEED them or BEFORE you need them? Wouldn’t they be better suited to provide value to your situation if they were apprised of your goals, obstacles, and were able to help facilitate a solution via planning and collective sharing of info.

Who’s IN YOUR CORNER looking out for YOUR CAREER?



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