Please describe your Company’s Culture?? OK, now prove it…

“People get hired for what they can do, but they get fired (and/or promoted) for who they are”.

However, not unlike any other relationship, there is a courting period, and at some point we decide it would be a good idea for us to form a union.  But ask yourself this: do you still open the car door for your spouse, now that you’re married (rhetorical question). Do you still cozy up on the same couch and watch the same shows and like the same stuff???  Do ya?

Here’s an Example: Interviewing for a new job?  OK, great.  You want to put your best foot forward and demonstrate your a high caliber top notch super star, right???  Well, ok, maybe not…  But, you ARE on your BEST BEHAVIOR.  Well, why would it be any different for the organization at which you’re interviewing?  Guess what? IT’S NOT.

Scaling the ladder of a Corporate Career? BIGGER doesnt equate to BETTER...

Scaling the ladder of a Corporate Career? Keep in mind that BIGGER doesnt automatically equate to BETTER....

Why are you so surprised when the faceless giant organization
you went to work for treats you like a number??

Hey, this has been happening since your first contact…IF YOU’VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!  Helloooo…remember filling out that application and depositing your resume in the black hole, errr uhh, I mean resume database?  How about the follow up email (if the spam email filter didn’t get it), or the HR person that called you up several months later to make you aware that YOU, that’s right, lucky YOU have been CHOSEN!  You get to interview.  Woo Hoo!  We’ll expect your arrival, tomorrow at 10 am, that’s not too soon is it?  I could go on and on but wont.

Don’t make the mistake of missing the forest for the trees. After all, its human nature to want flowers and applause, ie, to be COURTED…

But sadly, many top flight professional has been sucked into this trap.  Bright Lights and fabulous Logo ~not to mention the looks on the faces of friends and family when they say, “yup, I’m going to work for (fill in blank here)”.

Boo Yah ~I’ve got an Ice Scraper with my employers name on it!  Therefore, they MUST love me!!
Company Swag proves it!

Here’s an interesting article on Corp Culture via ThomasNet:


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