Here’s one story…on the 65th Anniversary of D-Day

Know a Vet? We do. In fact, he’s an original American Hero I’ve been lucky and blessed to call him my Grampa.

Grandad, as he likes to refer to himself, turns 90 later this year. His wife of 60+ years passed on a few years back. I know how much he misses her. Its getting harder for him to get around, and that is frustrating…which includes no more golf, one of his favorite activities.

Ahhh, what a life…a life of significance.

If a certified, distinguished Veteran of Foreign War is how his military career ended, it sure didn’t begin nearly as glamorous. Rising through the enlisted ranks from Private to Staff Sergeant, and ultimately to an OfficerLieutenant John Abraham participated (literally) in the first wave of D-Day landings, at 6am, Normandy’s beach head designated ‘Utah’.

Grampa was awarded a Bronze Star and received two Purple Hearts as a result of this service. When I asked him many years later to send me a copy of his award, he wrote a note and sent along with the copy of his citation. Herein was honor,  humility; it was incredible. It made an immediate, profound impact on me.


He wrote, and I still remember it from memory, “Kirk, you asked for so Im sending you this citation. It describes my actions in combat as heroic, but I was merely acting in a manner which I had been trained.”

Our family’s patriarch and a role model for me, Grampa is an example to all of what a life well lived looks like. A truly significant life also means well balanced.

As a business man, member of the community and the church, a life of faith, service and honor. Not unlike his military service, he progressed and excelled in each area, i.e., Clerk to Vice President of Insurance Company, and a Deacon at Fee Fee Baptist church. On a personal note, I can further attest that he was present at all but a few of my baseball, basketball, and football games as a kid. By my recollection, I can count the number of times he missed on one hand. Now that’s impressive!

An original American Hero

An original American Hero

A significant life also has blemishes.  No one’s perfect.  As an example, I recall him receiving much notoriety for being the only fan at ANY of my little league games to EVER receive a Technical Foul -resulting in free throws for the other team. 🙂  True story. LOL

Thanks Grampa for your service, but thanks even more for coming home!!  We love you…and thank you for all that you’ve done for us.

Kirk and Family

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