Is Your KUNG FU strong enough to get the INTERVIEW?

BEFORE you can ever hope to gain their attention…the first step is to simply get noticed.  Here’s a great example of a response I received today from a candidate for one of our positions – this is classic, check it out:

Most Respected and Honorable Kung Fu Master:

While my pedigree is strong I stand before you a humble student ready and willing to learn. I bring with me great skills, the most beneficial being flexibility and respect for those who have traveled before me. It would bring great pleasure to meet with you and discuss the opportunity to associate myself with your most esteemed company. Jon Sxxxxxxxxh, a man known to sell ice to Eskimos.


Tell me, would you remember this guy the next time you had an opening?


You can bet I will…  

PS: Grasshopper UR free to walk on rice paper!


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