NFL Draft reference Boys of Summer

NFL DRAFT Update ala St Louis Rams ~ this is classic!


 The St. Louis Rams GM Bill Devaney provides his thoughts about a potential trade of their  second overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft… and the quote ‘o the day:  


“There are certain times in the draft as it goes on where you want to be like Albert Pujols, you can swing for the fences, you try to hit a home run. There’s other times where it makes sense to try to be a Tony Gwynn, put the ball in play.


Actually, you know what; you can use Albert Pujols at any time I guess. Forget Tony Gwynn.”


Anyone else having trouble following this metaphor?  Im not, but if this is any indication  of  what this season will be like, ugggghhhh…..  


 “Now I know why Tigers eat their young”  – Rodney Dangerfield


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