Ready to take a Big-Bite of Mac protocol???

Well, I am certainly a whole lot closer than I was 24 hours ago…  Why?  How about a nearly 300 Mb download of updates courtesy of Microsoft that immediately precedes their expiration of support for XP.  My experience with previous updates does not indicate in any way that this will be a smooth transition. 

Here’s a no brainer: which 2 words do you feel Microsoft is more familiar?  Beta Test or Customer Service?

Tell you what, if given the option of scaling up my learning curve of Apple/Mac or taking on Vista, there’s no question in my mind which I’ll choose.  Its a double entendre!  Thanks for your help and making my decision easier Microsoft!  

Passers by will hear me saying something along the lines of  “OK, Mr. XP, so you wanna play rough?  OK, say hello to my new little friend, my iPhone” 

Here’s an excellent article for your review re: shift to Apple

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