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Wisdom via John Wooden and Happy Birthday!

Talent is God given.  Be humble.

Fame is man-given.  Be grateful.

Conceit is self-given.  Be careful.

~John Wooden

Personification of a life well lived...

Personification of a life well lived...

John Wooden celebrates his 99th Birthday today. Truly a life well lived…

TRUE Insight~How important is it? Business or Career

True insight, that is…not a web search.

First, let’s establish what I’m NOT referencing: a boolean based google search. That’s typically just additional bandwith vs. scalable data, i.e., information placed within a relevant context for subsequent disposition.

Don’t know about you, but the last thing I need is more lateral movement due to information overload… In fact, that’s the cover of IEEE Spectrum this month.

REAL WORLD EXAMPLE: “True Insight” vs. Information

Do you think Wall Street would have experienced the same problems if they had USED the insight they were supposed to possess OR did they know and chose not to consider it OR did they know and did it anyway? What say you?

Do you think individuals that PURCHASED said paper would have acted the same had they known the risks involved OR did they know and chose not to consider? Hmmm…

Me thinks it’s the latter in both cases. Why? Simple. When’s the last time you made an international transaction (less the last trip to Wal Mart)?

MY POINT ~you don’t buy/sell securities around the globe unless either you know what you are doing OR you are rollin’ in cash; in which case you PAY someone else to handle these affairs for you.

I was born at night, but not last night baby~Kid Rock

You want the truth? OK: I'd like a non fat soy vanilla latte! There, I said it!

You want the truth?? FINE! I'd like a non fat soy vanilla Latte! There, I said it!! Are you happy? Can I head back to GitMo now?

So, what’s the Bottom Line? Let’s establish that YOU are indeed NOT Lt.Daniel Kaffee ala ‘A Few Good Men’?Good, then I can safely presume that you CAN handle the TRUTH

Well, here it is:

  1. Recruiting is EXPENSIVE
  2. Great Recruiting is PRICELESS
  3. Poor Recruiting Costs a FORTUNE!! (Untold $$’s in Lost Opp Cost)

If getting the best person available isn’t worth the additional expense, will someone please help me understand why every NFL owner lines up, blank check in hand, to sign for the annual Heisman Trophy winner? If they weren’t worth premium pay, they wouldn’t do it…right?

OK, so now what? Pretty simple, really. Here’s where a good place to start:

So, now YOU know. Are you going to behave the same way you always have (and expect a different result) OR are you going to choose to use this knowledge when making YOUR next hiring decision??

‘Miracle on Ice’ pre game speech, wait for it, by a 4 yr old!


I love his PARENTS too!!!

What is the #1 question we DON’T get asked and why not?

Here it is:

What do you think of my resume?’ What’s worse, most don’t even realize there’s anything wrong…

It’s usually even more difficult for those with the most tenure. In other words, this happens to some of the best. In this regard, it’s an equal opportunity issue and often doesn’t discriminate…

In fact, most people we work with find themselves unemployed through no fault of their own, often the direct result of Merger, Acquisition, RIF, plant closings, etc.

They’re often provided, as a part of their severance package, a resume service via contracted 3rd party. Don’t misunderstand, this is a GOOD thing. However, these days, and particularly in this market, that’s just a good starting point…

Click Here ~View my TOP 5 Errors

You need to have a FOCUSED approach and less is generally more, i.e., tweak and customize your skill sets and background experience as most applicable to the opportunity you seek.

Reality Check: The days of a generic resume with an objective along the lines of, ‘seeking an opportunity to utilize my skills in a growth oriented company’ are long since over… That’s about as stale as it gets. In fact, I’m not a big fan of an objective at all. A professional overview is much preferred.

Let’s face it, Marketing, Sales, Engineering and yes, even Management are each at times independently BRILLIANT, but seldom all 3 at once…

EXAMPLE: We love our Dentist, and I LOVE my Chiropractor; but I wouldn’t want them to trade places before my next appointment!!

Finally, and cannot over emphasize this point enough, it wasn’t our intent to have every candidate quite literally ask, it was more rhetorical in nature. You’ve got it, we aren’t philanthropist’s. (utilize the aforementioned severance services)

ATTENTION: Engineering Leadership, you have a Voice!

What’s this about?

To each their own, but review and decide for yourself. Recently received this from a gentleman we’ll refer to as Writer X (like Racer X). Enjoy!


Open Letter to Industry C-Level

Desperate Engineering Executive, who has worked long hours, took piles of $hit projects from unqualified peers, looked the other way when people were not held accountable, seek new employment.  Specialize in cleaning up messes after others have crashed and burned them for lack of experience, education and/or due diligence.

Will even consider a pay cut for an opportunity with an organization that has an HR department (ethics is a bonus), benefits that will not put me in the poor house if catch cold, and dress code that does not require purchase of $30 company logo shirt’s. Also a college educated boss that does not have a learning impediment, i.e., ADD, OCD, or myriad of  other acronyms.

Prefer a position within a 50 mile radius of Writer X’s home. Willing to start immediately without providing 2 weeks notice. In fact, as a token of my appreciation to your trust, I’ll throw the first week in for FREE since I have not been able to use PTO hours accrued in well over a year.

Disgruntled but certainly yours,

Writer X, aka, VP of Engineering

So, what’s this REALLY about?

It’s about Leadership. More to the point, about POOR Leadership and the casualties of this behavior. You see, the individual with poor behavior isnt the only one that suffers, they ‘infect’ those around them.

Here in Indiana, we’d say they ‘poison the whole water hole’. Actually, Ive never heard that said….hmmm….maybe I drank some tainted water myself?

I know this: if your job sucks that’s too bad, if you stay, that’s your fault. Ready to make a change, click here

So, how’s BUSINESS? What are you seeing in the MARKET?

It’s the single most often asked question. It comes in many variations: How’s Business? How’s the Market? Good, Bad, or Ugly?

This is it, albeit anti climactic, are we ‘Stronger for it’ or ‘Weaker because of it’. They are almost all evaluating their team, as they attempt to navigate out of the ‘Great Recession’.

Other questions include:

  • Who are our key players?
  • Do we (still) have the appropriate people on our Team?
  • Are these people in the appropriate place within the organization, i.e., positioned for growth/stability, increased responsibility?
  • Did everyone ‘behave’ the way we’d hoped during the downturn?
  • Of these, how many are genuinely engaged and positioned for the next phase of their career?
  • How many are just biding their time, awaiting an opportunity to jump ship?
Hows your Business prepared for the Future?

Hows your Business prepared for the Future?

WE DON’T HAVE A CRYSTAL BALL, but one thing is for sure; there’s plenty of advice and prediction. It’s not all too different from the weather. Here in central Indiana, the weather person is ALWAYS accurate. How is it in ‘your neck of the woods?’

So, what are the biggest challenges you’re facing for Q4? 2010? What steps are being taken to prepare for this?

What can the EASTeam do to help??

Lessons Learned watching ‘Pop Warner’ Football

If you’ve ever been to a football game being played by 8-9 year olds, it resembles a cross between a Rugby Scrum and Dodgeball w/Helmets.

Hence, entertaining but hard to figure out who’s got the ball or what’s really going on… Especially considering the poor viewing angle available via bleachers. How could I possibly have learned from this? Simple: by watching the adults…more specifically the Head Coach.

Picture this: he’s pacing the sidelines back and forth as if this were the NFL Playoffs. (Who knows, maybe he had a friendly ‘wager’ pending?) But still he drones on and on, back and forth, grimacing, looking at the ground chewing gum in perfect rhythm with his step.

Back and forth, over and over… Did I mention this guy is built like a Brick $hit house? Probably 6 ft, 220 and muscular. If it werent so disturbing to witness, it would be funny. I’m thinking, this guy needs to be in a Southwest Airlines commercial, ie, ‘Wanna get away?’

This pacing is only interrupted by intermittent groans of pain (with or without hands thrown in the air). He’s obviously disgusted at his teams performance, and verbalizes this often.  The team seems headed for another inevitable loss…AGAIN…

Halftime:Coach decides to the only thing to do is shame them into playing harder, ‘Im watchin’ you guys and I see some of you not running and giving 100%. If that doesnt change in the 2nd half, you’re going to be running the whole practice on Monday!”

NICE. How’s that workin’ out for ya, Coach? These guys are gettin’ their 9 yr old asses kicked all over the field, now the same holds true for the sideline! As predicted, the level of motivation these guys have is rapidly diminishing, 19-0, 26-0, and finally, the pain subsides temporarily, and its over.

First and foremost, dont be too quick to ‘judge’ Coach. Afterall, his hearts in the right place and this is all he knows. Heck, their not paying him for this torture. Likely this is how he was taught…

Moreover, having ‘coached’ my son’s tee ball team of 3-5 year olds, I know personally the special pain of watching your team get clobbered. In fact, we looked like the Bad News Bears, or so I thought. It was very close in many ways to herding cats

You see, these guys are a first year team, and they end up playing teams with older, bigger and faster kids. Point being, you could have the best game plan in the world, but it doesnt matter if you cant block, run and/or tackle nearly as well as the other guys…

So how many of us, like me, find ourselves on the sideline, worrying about market conditions in the same way? Worse, wasting energy by pacing back and forth and not really making any progress, hoping it will be different next quarter, or 2nd half, or next game, maybe next season?

We should be LEARNING right now. Lets face it, we rarely learn anything when we’re winning all the time… 2 final thoughts courtesy of the Dalai Lama:



Recruiting is Expensive! Yes, it is… Do you KNOW WHY??

Let’s be crystal clear; RECRUITING is EXPENSIVE.

YES, it is…but, isn’t that subjective to the context in which it’s used?

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Think Recruiting is too EXPENSIVE??

Heisman Trophy: presented annually to the most outstanding player in college football. 99 times of 100, this is also the MOST EXPENSIVE player available.

Guess what? EVERYONE wants to land the Heisman winner for their team.

Have you ever seen the following sequence of events?

1) Heisman Trophy winner signs with a team

2) Smile for the camera’s whilst holding up the team jersey

3) Owner of said team shakes head disgusted by how EXPENSIVE it was!

You typically get what you pay for…cliché’, yes. But usually become cliché’ for good reason.

ALL hiring is expensive and CRUCIAL to Health of your Organization. Don’t most companies swear employee’s are reason for success, etc??

How much is “insight” worth to your business? True insight.  Not a Google search. That’s (usually) more bandwidth, not real depth. Certainly not scalable, particularly if you are UNAWARE of it.

Poor Recruiting CAN cost you a FORTUNE…

Great Recruiting is PRICELESS!!

Smart Grid Makes YOUR Fridge Smarter and Cost LESS $$ (via Discovery Channel)

smart grid + smart fridge ='s LOWER UTILITY $

Smart Grid + Smart Fridge ='s LOWER UTILITY BILL$

So many resumes so little time…right??

So many resumes so little time…

Originally uploaded by EASTeam

Dont you have better things to do, like RUN YOUR BUSINESS?? Let the pro’s handle the increased candidate flow.

BECAUSE, if you think youve got the best candidates ~youre wrong~ just the best candidates that have applied OR those that are ACTIVELY looking… BIG DIFFERENCE!

Learn more about EASTeam and additional insight on this topic by clicking here:…

(Pssst, usually the best and brightest arent unemployed until the bitter end. Willing to wait that long??)

EASTeam List of Top 5 Resume Errors (Engineers)

EASTeam’s friends @ asked we provide some insight that would benefit their readers. The best place to start, just also happens to be the easiest to prevent…the resume.  In these difficult economic times, there’s no need to make a bad situation worse, albeit very common, by making any one of the following mistakes when preparing a resume:

Trying to be all things to all people (part 1) ~ Don’t do it.  It doesn’t work and will only water down the message.  Remember, we’re looking for a laser beam, not a flood light here…  This absolutely applies to the ‘objective’ portion.  I much prefer a ‘summary’ portion hitting a few highlights and can be easily customized (and absolutely should be) for each individual opportunity.

Trying to be all things to all people (part 2) ~ Don’t do it either.  It doesn’t work and will only water down the message.  (It’s like déjà vu all over again). However, you may want to have several DIFFERENT versions of your resume, i.e., one that focuses on project mgmt, one that focuses on  technical design engineering, and later on in your career a focus on leadership.

Focusing on Responsibilities vs. Accomplishments ~ No one cares that you were in charge of filling out and keeping up to date the SPC lies, err, uhh, I mean ‘CAP’ statements at the end of every shift…  However, we do care about ANYTHING that you have done alone (or contributed to within a team) that added real value to the product, implemented cost or scrap reductions, or contributed to process improvement…in other words, things that impact the Bottom Line.

Delivering CV vs. Resume ~ That’s right.  If you’re applying for an academic role, by all means feel free to add in the 14 pages of dribble, err uhh, research and team based study groups you’ve participated.  (Don’t forget to include the Dungeons & Dragons Club chair post you likely proudly held). This is America, so get on the bus: that means no pictures, no ‘my mother tongue is ___’, etc.  Just 2 pages of meat & potatoes.  Period. Remember, this is not going to get you the job nor is it a 3D look, it’s merely a starting point for dialogue and should be presented as such. No more, no less.

Exaggerating about your Experience ~ If you sat next to a guy for the last 20 years via the neighboring cube whose focus in life was developing motor algorithms’, well, that doesn’t make you an expert.  No, it isn’t transferred magically by proxy via the cube wall.  So, it may get you an interview, but that’s about it.  You can bet they will find out and most likely sooner than later.  The sooner the better for all, for that matter…

*Note* didn’t mention, ‘No Lying.’  That goes without saying, but not without writing…  he he

The Engineering & Automation Solutions Team (EASTeam) is comprised of a multinational workforce focused primarily on recruitment of technical engineering professionals located within the Industrial Automation & Motion Control Industry. EASTeam is led by Kirk Abraham, an award winning executive recruiter, and partner with an Indianapolis based franchise of the MRI Network. More @

Are you Passively aware of new Opportunities in the Market?

When is the absolute BEST time to consider a new opportunity?

Can you choose the correct option below?

1When you are Unemployed

2 – When you are about to become Unemployed

3 When you are MISERABLE in current role

4 – When you’re BORED to TEARS in current role

5 – When you report to an Incompetent Idiot

6 – When Incompetent Idiot(s) report to you

7 – When the ‘inmates’ are running the ‘asyulum’

8 – When Family suffers via extensive travel/hours/reduced $$, etc

9 – When your Company’s future is unclear, via bankruptcy, consolidation, acquisition, merger, politics, etc.

10 – EVERYTHING’S FINE! YOU’RE HAPPY, SATISFIED w/your BOSS, $$’s, Location, Family, Challenge, etc

Upload a Resume or just provide more info today for consideration:

Click Here~> EASTeamWeb

Pssst, this also applies to Company’s that ‘dont’ have openings…

(They really do, they’re just not AWARE of them~YET!)

So, your Company (still) can’t fill that opening??

That’s right, even with unemployment at 10%. What’s worse, most don’t understand WHY this is happening…

Let me clarify; I’m referring to white collar, degreed engineering professionals. GenY, GenX and Boomers. All of them.

EX: if you’re a textile worker in the southeast, that’s NOT the demographic being referenced.

Frustrated you cant fill that opening? It should be easy, right??

Frustrated you cant fill that opening? It should be easy, right??

OK. Let’s pretend that there are 1,000 people in the US that have a special skill set that you need, albeit due to attrition, expansion, or many other reasons why.

1,000 viable candidates ~ your company needs just ONE. Should be a piece o’ cake, right? Think again.

I’m feeling extra generous today, so let’s just say that only 50% aren’t interested or willing to relocate. Of the 500 that remain, at least 2/3 will be unable to sell their home due to the market conditions.

Yikes! This massive number has already shrunk to approximately 175 available candidates (we haven’t even begun the search yet).


  • Job Specialization
    • Engineering positions ~ Hard to fill, but usually because it’s a niche skill set
    • Highly analytical / difficulty making decisions
    • Sales role? Highly subjective
  • Competitors
    • Currently work there and have golden handcuffs to stay (severance etc)
    • Formerly work there (non competes -usually not best of best, which is what you’re looking for in this role)
    • Culture ~ Maybe they would rather work for them than your organization
    • Level of Compensation – does it stack up? More? Less? How about Cost of Living?
    • Are they still employed? EVEN worse!
      • They’ve survived 2-4 RIF’s for a reason
      • Even if your position is better, they feel safer where they are, ie, don’t wish to be ‘last hired & first fired’
  • Stability & Growth Potential
    • FYI “STABILITY” is the new “Growth Potential”
  • SocialMedia has changed the game, it’s changed the way people network…
    • Job boards don’t attract candidates like they once did (that’s another post)
    • LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, ad infinitum
    • There’s no place like home Auntie Em (& dont you forget it)

Monopoly House or Hotel? Green or Red? Your preference?

Monopoly house: Green or Red ?

Originally uploaded by EASTeam

It can be a lot like utilizing a Recruiter.

Which option would you choose?

A) Take whatever from options provided via a home builder at a specific development
~ or ~
B) Would you want to know about other homes…maybe even homes that had NOT yet hit the market?

There was a Realtor that knew of a home that was significantly nicer than the ones offered by the aforementioned home builder? Hey, it’s a buyers market after all…right?

For the same price, you could get a custom home on a wooden lot, twice the acreage, in a better school district, w/swimming pool, culdesac, quicker appreciation, etc.

This home would likely NEVER see the market….  KNOW WHY? Because the seller had been transferred, or passed away or (fill in blank)… and subsequently had ZERO intention of selling. Maybe the company they work for took over payments in order to facilitate their relocation. Maybe the bank foreclosed for whatever reason.

THE CATCH: There would be no public auction. It’s just below the radar. Circumstances forced their hand and someone would acquire it long before the general public was made aware.

The aforementioned parties were on the other end of spectrum and SELLING a home? You can bet they would contact a Realtor they trusted and likely confide in them their dilemma and make them aware of the pending sale.

Recruiters know lots and lots of people just like this… Some are Buying, some are Selling ~ but NEITHER are a commodity. Both have plenty of options that aren’t offered at the home builder’s subdivision.

Lady/Gentlemen Start your Engines @ Carbon Motors!

Truth told, I’ve never been happier to see a Police Car with it’s lights on headed my direction!!  This (literally) gave me chills…

Bangkok Airport by Daniel Chang


Originally uploaded by EASTeam

The future is now…its here….  ooops, there it went. We’re now in the past ~ Kabeesh?

In the words of one of my mentors, and one of the wisest men I’ve ever known:

“There will only be one of you for all time… FEARLESSLY be yourself” ~David J Oberting

STRATEGY: ‘Waiting for the market to improve’ ~Really~ Will your BEST & BRIGHTEST be leaving about the time you’re able to become ‘profitable’ again? YIKES@!

The economy is on everyone’s mind.  It’s been a real challenge, at best, even for companies that feel they remain at neutral growth/loss.

However, while adapting to these rapidly changing market conditions, many organizations have inadvertently caused great concern among their employees.

Combined aforementioned with the typical results of RIF’s, M & A, outsourcing, consolidation, etc, has caused some of your best and brightest performers to consider making a change.  Previously they had no interest in making a change – but that was yesterday...  Even organizations with the best intentions can face the impact.

Are YOUR Employees thinking IF not WHEN??

Wonder how many of YOUR Employees are thinking 'IF' not 'WHEN'??

That’s right; many have decided in their heart that just as soon as an opportunity comes up to leave their current employer, they will jump on it. What a cruel, bitter pill to swallow…

How do I know?  They’re calling me, everyday…  What does this mean to you, Mr & Mrs Employer? NOW is a perfect time to attract top talent!!

So, unless you’re planning on going out of business, this is a great time to attract and engage some top talent.  These folks won’t be interested and/or available if you wait until the market is going the right direction…

A dilemma for some…  An opportunity for others…

Which category are you currently in? Is this your preference?  Wouldn’t you prefer to have an edge on your competition when the next cycle begins?  The choice is yours.

“It can only be attributable to human error…” IS THAT SO?? Well, Domo Arigoto Mr Roboto!!

Machines are fast accurate and stupid. Humans are slow, sloppy and brilliant. Right??? Maybe not for long… Take a look at this article via the NY Times:

ya just gotta know…

The capabilities are much further advanced than a consumer level of awareness. This is pretty creepy ~in fact it’s kooky & all together spooky:

(if you think she was bad, just wait till you see the ‘woman scorned’ model they will roll out representing the likely divorce…once he discovers she’s a, a, FEMBOT!!!)

Remember HAL via 2001 A Space Odyssey (noteworthy that it was filmed 40 years ago), about the super computer with artificial intelligence that eventually, well, if ya haven’t, the GIANT RED LIGHT above will have little relevance… (as usual, Gen Y google it)

HAL, I wont argue with you anymore. Open the doors. Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

It can only be attributable to human error.

My Twitter friend @RonAck made me aware @EASTeam of this little piece relevant trivia: Know why the computer was called HAL? Each letter was one preceding those of IBM:  H-I  A-B  L-M    (YIKES!!)

Know what I think?

We live in world that is continually forcing humans to act more like robots, i.e., VOIP, EMAIL, etc. Don’t call me, leave me a message. This can be accomplished via 100 different mediums with just one common denominator: it’s being done by a machine.

It’s like one big scary episode of sound bite theater via Twitter, Diggit, Reddit, etc., and all the other white noise that’s constantly there and/or just below the surface.

By comparison, we are simultaneously asking computers to act more like humans.

Not sure about that?

Have you ever been on the phone with a human being, lets say, I don’t know, with a Customer Service Rep, but are unable to perform the simplest of processes or transaction because ‘the system is down’ or ‘you’ll have to confirm via email’ ad infinitum. I certainly have…it’s frustrating, at best.

The worst part?

When all is said and done, HAL, from 2001 A Space Odyssey was/is right...’it will only be attributable to human error’. It took a computer from 40 years ago to tell us. Well, at least metaphorically.

After all, like HAL also “said”, ‘The 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.’

Sleep tight!!

Career OPTIONS ~Do you know the ‘secret handshake’? Familiar at all with this acronym: CLAMS+X???

If you’re looking for it here, you won’t find it… However , we attempt to shift this highly subjective process to as objective as possible by utilizing this simple, yet highly effective diagnostic tool when considering a career change.

 NEED A CRYSTAL BALL for YOUR CAREER?? Youre not alone...

NEED A CRYSTAL BALL for YOUR CAREER?? You're not alone...

I’m a simple guy, so I break it down via the acronym ‘CLAMS – X’.  Suggest that INDIVIDUALLY you & THEN your spouse rate from each from 1-5 by order of importance.

C =’s Challenge: opportunity or role itself – Growth potential – overall ‘fit’ – industry specialty

L =’s Location, Location, Location…

A =’s Availability, i.e., when?  Timing…

M =”s Money -compensation, bonus, profit sharing, Benefit costs/quality

S =’s Stability or Security (aka, the NEW STOCK OPTION)

X =’s the all important X-Factor.  An example would be a great boss at your current position or your wife’s current position.

Possibly you have different priorities??  If so, it’s strongly recommended those be discussed as early as possible in this process.

Here’s an example ~ take the last letter, X: remember that great boss that you and/or your wife have?  Sure, she’s willing to transfer, but that would mean she’d have report to a different manager, MR. Joe Johnson via the BLAH BLAH division & no one wants to go there.  Kabeesh?

Another Killer is RELOCATION: say you’d love to be in Florida, but your 2 high school aged kids feel otherwise.  However, if they plan on going to college, maybe this is necessary?  Kabeesh x2? 🙂

Talk about it.  Discuss & discuss some more.  By all means talk with your recruiter if you feel they have everyone’s best interest in mind, and not just trying to “make a placement”, but that’s a whole different topic…

SocialMedia ~You get it, but know how to effectively utilize?

You may understand the importance of SM (SocialMedia), but very likely you’re unable to recognize an effective implementation within the day to day functions of your business. You get the WHY but not the HOW…

You are in luck, because this is an EXCELLENT example... I had done business with this company and they were following up with me via email.  Please note that this was not only a necessary communiqué, but certainly wanted and/or welcomed.

The point: it wasn’t an email BLAST/SPAM with Zero Value.  Quite the contrary; this was an important step in the process. They seized this opportunity to make us aware of additional SM presence whereby we could maintain contact with the organization all the time and benefit by being ‘in the know’ of events, specials, etc…

But wait…that’s not all… Because we were also invited to have a chance to tell them: ‘Why we love their COMPANY‘ via video. The grand prize is a year’s worth of free visits. Outstanding!

What just happened? We’ve just been asked to enter a contest to communicate our video testimonial. I was really impressed. These folks really get it.  So I called and told them so…

Understanding importance of SM is just a good start...

Understanding the importance of SM is just a start

Turns out they’d hired a 3rd party to handle this component of their marketing efforts. Which indicates they also understand their limitations, ie, they outsourced the process to a firm that specializes in this type of work.

After being referred to this company, based in Chicagoland, I visited their website. Tap tap tap & click… BOOM!

Im on their site…first words I’m greeted with: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.” –Steve Jobs

They go on further to state their intentions/business focus: “Our management team is focused on doing the things we love…creating great work, developing great products and working with great people.” Assume this was a quote via Jon Schepke, President and Founder. Need any help with YOUR SocialMedia presence??


Do you LOVE your job? Steve Jobs thinks you should…

I agree.  Do you?  If so, to what degree? The guru behind Apple  and our beloved iPhone IPod’s had this to say @ Stanford commencement address:

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Are you passionate about what you do?

Are you passionate about what you do?

Time for an honest appraisal of your current situation:

How does my company market themselves?

How do they benchmark their online reputation?

Are they acutely aware of how important this can be?

Do they assume that everyone holds them in high regard – without this presence? If so, why?

Who’s in your CORNER? Who’s your GURU?

This is kind of a silly, albeit highly entertaining <30 second video clip.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy:

But the topic is a very serious one…  Put it in perspective:  Don’t you go to a Lawyer when you have legal difficulties, a Mechanic w/specific knowledge of your vehicle when your car breaks down, a Broker or similar expert for your financial planning, a Doctor when you’re sick, a Dentist when you have a toothache…ad infinitum.

Point is, when do you feel the best time to initiate a relationship with said party? When you NEED them or BEFORE you need them? Wouldn’t they be better suited to provide value to your situation if they were apprised of your goals, obstacles, and were able to help facilitate a solution via planning and collective sharing of info.

Who’s IN YOUR CORNER looking out for YOUR CAREER?


Please describe your Company’s Culture?? OK, now prove it…

“People get hired for what they can do, but they get fired (and/or promoted) for who they are”.

However, not unlike any other relationship, there is a courting period, and at some point we decide it would be a good idea for us to form a union.  But ask yourself this: do you still open the car door for your spouse, now that you’re married (rhetorical question). Do you still cozy up on the same couch and watch the same shows and like the same stuff???  Do ya?

Here’s an Example: Interviewing for a new job?  OK, great.  You want to put your best foot forward and demonstrate your a high caliber top notch super star, right???  Well, ok, maybe not…  But, you ARE on your BEST BEHAVIOR.  Well, why would it be any different for the organization at which you’re interviewing?  Guess what? IT’S NOT.

Scaling the ladder of a Corporate Career? BIGGER doesnt equate to BETTER...

Scaling the ladder of a Corporate Career? Keep in mind that BIGGER doesnt automatically equate to BETTER....

Why are you so surprised when the faceless giant organization
you went to work for treats you like a number??

Hey, this has been happening since your first contact…IF YOU’VE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION!  Helloooo…remember filling out that application and depositing your resume in the black hole, errr uhh, I mean resume database?  How about the follow up email (if the spam email filter didn’t get it), or the HR person that called you up several months later to make you aware that YOU, that’s right, lucky YOU have been CHOSEN!  You get to interview.  Woo Hoo!  We’ll expect your arrival, tomorrow at 10 am, that’s not too soon is it?  I could go on and on but wont.

Don’t make the mistake of missing the forest for the trees. After all, its human nature to want flowers and applause, ie, to be COURTED…

But sadly, many top flight professional has been sucked into this trap.  Bright Lights and fabulous Logo ~not to mention the looks on the faces of friends and family when they say, “yup, I’m going to work for (fill in blank here)”.

Boo Yah ~I’ve got an Ice Scraper with my employers name on it!  Therefore, they MUST love me!!
Company Swag proves it!

Here’s an interesting article on Corp Culture via ThomasNet:

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